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79-T06 Flexible High Security Container Seal

The world’s only flexible high security container seal with anti-spin feature. The patented anti-spin design ensures that the pin and locking mechanism are safe from friction attacks.

The Pin
Made of metal with a 5 mm soft wire embedded in it and coated in plastic, providing a flexible seal resistant to any harsh tool attack.

The Cylinder
The metal cylinder is covered in non-flammable shock proof plastic.

Seals can only be removed by a bolt cutter. Consecutive numbering is engraved by high technology lasers, with bar coding and logos available for custom orders. Standard colors are white/red and white/blue. Also available in red, blue, orange, dark red, yellow and white.

For easy stock control and number verification the seals are delivered in two pieces – cylinders are packed on tape in consecutive order together with pins also on tape. For easy handling and distribution 100 seals are packed in one inner box. Two inner boxes are packed in one carton box.

Seals are approved by Customs authorities world wide including US Customs, HM Customs, German and Taiwan Customs.

The seal is in compliance with ISO / PAS 17712 as a High Security Seal and is C-TPAT compliant.

Seals can only be removed by a bolt cutter.


Per pcs 200 pcs box
Weight 0.088 lbs 18.74 lbs